How It’s Made – Italian Addition

We are so excited to announce our upcoming How It’s Made which will be hosted @ Privato Vineyard and Winery!
Anti Pasti: 65 Degree duck egg yolk with pancetta and black truffle vinaigrette.
Primi: Grilled Quail, house smoked corn -ricotta Tortellini, wild mushrooms and salsa verde – 2015 Chardonnay
Secondi: Dry aged ribeye, young herbs and manchego polenta with summer squash caponata – 2014 Tesoro Pinot Noir
Dulce: Mascarpone cheesecake, roasted plums, strawberry jus, amoretti crumble – 2016 Rose
Tickets available via telephone or email.
Elena Markin – 250.8286660 EXT 4176
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