Cakes @ ROMEOs

Craving something sweet? Our in-house pastry chef makes the most amazing, delicious cakes. With a variety of cake flavors to choose from, you can order one to take home, or add one to your reservation to make your dining experience extra special.

Black Forest Cake or Basic Cake (Chocolate or White)

Swiss Style Raspberry Tart: Puff Pastry bottom, Pastry Cream, Raspberries, Strawberry Glace.

**Blueberries as an option as well if available.


Chocolate Cakes: Milk Ganache OR Dark Chocolate Mousse – Flavored  with  Raspberry /  Coffee /  Praline / Rum / Orange

White Cakes: Fruit mousse  (Raspberry /  Cranberry / Mango / Lemon /  Orange) OR Buttercream  ( Vanilla / Praline / Coffee  )

Quark Cheesecake: Lemon  / Mango / Raspberry /  Orange /   Seasonal Berries can be added

Price: $35


Email Christina at or call 250.372.5312 ext. 103 for inquiries or to order yours today!