How It’s Made – Nov 2nd

We are so excited to announce our upcoming How It’s Made featuring Dirty Laundry Wines
1st: Beets, Duck, and Cheese Salata preserved Beets, Duck confit, Boursin fritters, Guinness Mustard Dressing

2nd: Atlantic Lobster Trio Lemongrass infused Tail and Claw Navy bean Cassoulet with Bisque Drawn Lobster Butter

3rd: Grilled Miso Garlic Beef Ribeye

Charred Celeriac potato mash Asparagus Noisette Bordelaise Jus

4th: Cookies & Cream Double Chocolate Fudge cookie Vanilla bean Custard Coffee Gel

How It’s Made – ROMEOs Kitchen + Spirits – Kamloops, BC | Tock | Tock (